Zirrly Super Beads Mega Pack Review


Today we are happy to be bringing to you our review of the Mega Pack of Super Beads  from Zirrly.  We were given a choice of  projects and we chose a Mega Pack of these beads with all the tools to complete several projects. You fuse beads together using water ( no iron needed ).  The beads can be used for children as young as 5+ years old with some assistance from someone older and also work well for older children as well as adults, making it a fun family arts & crafts project.

Our Mega Pack came with Plastic project boards, Project cards ( that fit to the boards), 4500+ beads, Beading tool ,two small water Spray bottles, Project instruction sheets showing diagrams and tips & tricks on the back !The children looked them over and decided to do their own choice of project or shape as I felt this would be more enjoyable for them in the time we had on that afternoon.  I got out some of my Tupperware containers and divided up some of the beads for each of the children.  I explained how they needed to put the beads in the design they wanted to have and then we would lightly spray them with water using the spray bottles. (being careful not  to saturate the beads) They really seemed to enjoy thinking about what they wanted to make and then sorting through the beads and placing them on the boards in the configuration needed.  We sprayed them and went about our afternoon.Later that evening I came back  and using the tool loosened the projects one by one (slowly and carefully so I wouldn’t pull them apart).  I was amazed at how well just spraying them with water had made them adhere to one another.  The children really like the things they made and still have them in on their desk area near their computers.This project is Easy, Fun and very affordable if you are looking for something that does not take over an hour.  I feel it is an affordable project that could be used for VBS, Summer Camp, Sunday School or just a nice project for your children to do.  Many small projects can be done from one Mega Pack and if you have more then 4 students/children you would need more then one Mega Pack, so that you have enough project boards for each one. The first project is done by Faith (age 15) Rainbow Heart.

A tiny project by Daniel (age 10) Halo Helmet


Project by Hope (age 14)  Minecraft Creeper


We really enjoyed using these beads and we will be making more fun projects in the future ! We are trying to come up with a 3D project we can all enjoy ! I hope you will think about adding these to your Art Class or Creative Time ! For more ideas see the below projects available from Zirrly!

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If you would like to see more projects and hear others ideas on this product or the ones that they reviewed, please click on the picture below.

Super Beads {Zirrly Reviews}

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National Geographic Kids Leveled Readers and Super Readers

Lins ZTE Pics 433

I just love these books !  Each one is filled with beautiful photos and illustrations of each topic or story.  Being a bunny lover and a breeder in the past with ARBA, I have to say that Hop, Bunny was my favorite. They are fun and also very educational.  We homeschool and these fit right into our routine.  A few were easy for my son Daniel to read and the Level 3 were right where he is at in reading.

My grandchildren are also going to love these !  We all live a lifestyle of learning and the National Geographic Readers and Super Readers are a wonderful addition to our family.  I love that there is a word list in Vocabulary Tree for us to learn with ! They are very colorful and Entertaining.

I also really enjoyed the hardcover book Animal Ark ! It is full of Wild Animals and given the size it really held my Son’s Attention.  Giving an idea of the sights and sounds of each animal, so that it is a learning experience in a story !

Lins ZTE Pics 434

We visited the website for the children at natgeokids.com/superreaders  where they can watch videos, play games, learn about the animals, share photos and earn badges !  What a fun and exciting interactive website for the children to enjoy !  You really must take your children on a visit there ! They can even earn prizes and a certificate !!!  They can also download posters and stickers and be able to chart their reading accomplishments !

This is an excellent way to celebrate March’s  National Reading Month and Read Across America Day right in your own home !

You can connect with National Geographic Kids

Website natgeokids.com

Facebook facebook.com/nationalgeographickids

Twitter nationalgeographickids twitter.com

Pinterest NGKids pinterest.com

Instagram natgeo

They also would make excellent gifts for the children in your life !


Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com), May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

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StartWrite 6.0 Handwriting Worksheet Software Review (Windows)

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Startwrite is the easiest way to create customized handwriting practice sheets for your student.

Just Type it, Print it and Practice! It’s that easy!
Startwrite 6.0 is bilingual. Spanish fonts make it easy for Spanish-speaking students to practice writing in their own language, and for English-speaking children to learn Spanish

Compatible with Windows 98 and newer!


Do you want to make your own handwriting worsheets, using bible verses or poems you love ? Are you kids tired of traditional workbooks for penmanship ? Well this may be the answer for your home or home-school !


My Review

I absolutely loved this program and will continue to use it for years to come. The kids really  grew tired of using a workbook and the same thing all the time to learn penmanship.  Repetitive practice gets old.  Well this software program is wonderful.  I can use anything we are studying to make the worsheets. I have used Bible verses, Poems, Things from history and it is so much more customizable to what we are doing instead of some canned penmanship book.  I really love this software, its has the benefit of using graphics to  enhance your worksheets as well, making them extra special for your students.  I highly recommend this to all my homeschool Mamma friends !


Connect with StartWrite:


You can buy it here:




Giveaway !

Would you like to win a copy of this software ?  Well leave me a comment and  follow StartWrite on Twitter at the above link and come back and tell me you did and you will be entered . Please leave me your email address so  that I can contact you if you win.

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The God Puzzle by Valerie Ackermann


Too many kids are leaving the faith. Walking away from church. Sunday school isn’t enough to give them what they need. Kids need depth. Answers. Time to think things through. They need the pieces put together to point them to Christ Who is our greatest Treasure. There just isn’t time in Sunday school alone.

Parents are called to teach their children, but what if you are not a teacher? What if you don’t know enough? No more guilt, no more frustration over feeling inadequate. With Valerie’s Ackermann‘s resource, The God Puzzle, you will find real help and tools … to teach about a real God.



The God Puzzle is a colorful, easy to use tool to help you communicate to your child the rich truths about God, His ways, His will and His love. The God Puzzle will help you address doctrinal themes of the Christian faith in a kid friendly way, present Bible lessons in an interactive way that will hold the child’s attention and deliver quality teaching with no preparation needed. 75% of children leave the church when they leave home. Something isn’t working. Sunday School isn’t doing it all. Kids need answers, good ones. And they need them from you, the parent. This book enables you to give them simple, clear answers.

What makes The God Puzzle unique?

– ready made discussion questions for parent to ask their child in each lesson

– can be done at any pace that works with your family…every night, once a week, 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there…it fits into realistic family life

– puts the pieces together for a child to understand God, the Bible, and the Christian faith

– in each lesson the responds to the truth so they understand their relationship to God is personal and life transforming

– any parent, whether they know nothing, or a lot about God can start teaching their child today with no prep

– deep theology put into language a child can understand

– deeply Biblical, each lesson points to Christ

– put in an order that starts with creation, and teaches the Bible as one story that all points to Christ

– child stays engaged by filling in blanks, crosswords, drawing, matching and using their Bibles as they learn

Purchase a copy here.

Learn more at Valerie’s website.

Valerie Ackermann


Valerie Ackermann has a BA in Theology and has been a full time Children’s Ministry Director at Parkwood Community Church in California for over 10 years. She is also a weekly Sunday school teacher, wife, and busy mom of two boys ages 9 and 11. She has hands-on experience as a children’s ministry professional, teaching and leading children of all ages. Growing up in a Christian family in the small town of Saskatchewan Canada, she has wonderful memories of knowing God from an early age. She has a passion for kids to know the deep truths of God. Find out more at LeadMeToGod.com.

Find out more about Valerie at  http://leadmetogod.com.

My Review:

~   After years of using different things to teach my children about God, finally there is something to grab their attention! Not for just an hour a week, but for 36 weeks of study about God. We are using this in our homeschool and so love it! The children love the way Theo and Christy are there throughout the study and the colors in the book keep their attention.  This study requires the children to use their bible and think through things about God, Themselves, Sin, God’s Plan and it covers all the topics you really want your children to know to grow in God and Faith. It shows them how to have a faith that is not dead, one that shows forth God’s love and how to let their light shine! I cannot think of a better way to spend 20.00 on your child.  It is a workbook to use and not just a book to read.  We are using it as a weekly study into God’s Word and His Character, as well as who we really are and how sin affects our lives.  I think the best thing we can do for our children is teach them who God is and what is plan is for our lives. This is a book that will bring blessings on Your Home, Your Child, and will let them know that God really cares!

~ I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review and have recieved no further compensation for doing so.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review

 photo ST-new-lg_zps196ba746.jpg

I am excited today to be sharing with you the ” Yearly Membership Option” for the website www.SchoolhouseTeachers.com part of The Old Schoolhouse.  Are you a Homeschooling mom feeling the pressures of teaching multiple grades at one time ? Is the health and care of someone in your family making it hard to keep up with teaching your children and your housework? Do you run a home based business as a family that you need to devote more time to ? Are you finding it hard to make ends meet ? Are you a single parent family ?  Are you a new Homeschooling family who is not quite sure where to start ?

As a homeschooling Mom of 7 myself,  ages 30 down to 5.  I can relate to much of the above situations and more.  We have dealt with me as a single mom, health issues of my children and those of myself and my dear husband.  We are well aware that life gets in the  way!  I remember saying to my husband ” There has to be a better and easier way”.  I have always kept searching for the answers to making my home and homeschool run more efficiently and give me the time I needed to accomplish other things that needed to be done. I also was looking for a way to save us money in many areas of our Family Life.

What if I told you there is a place where all you had to do was spend a small amount of time choosing classes you wanted to teach, downloading a few papers for your children to do ?  or Set up a video for them to watch ?   How would you feel if you could go online, point, click and your children would be learning their studies ?  www.SchoolhouseTeachers.com is just the place !

 photo schoolhousedailies_zps9ba017fe.jpg

With  Dailies, daily lessons and unit studies it is so easy! It combines online learning with expert teachers from an international teachers base to offer you the following things and much more !  One blessing is The Applecore system to keep all your records and attendance right online.  Access to Homeschool Expos with well-known speakers to encourage and uplift you as a homeschooling parent.  Archived Teacher lessons making it easy to go back and find just what you need for each individual child.  Course Checklists and a Reading List make it very efficient to use these online lessons.  Your older children can even maneuver through the site to access  self-directed studies.  Also each month of your membership you will receive access to free ebooks ! We love ebooks for my kindle that the children use for school.

The site contains learning for grades K-12 !

 photo schoolhouseextras_zps3a20c85f.jpg

 Well, I  have just the answer for you !

All for a yearly membership of $139.00 , no matter what your family size is !

We found so much content that we are using.  Not just for the children, but also for myself as a mom.  I personally  am learning more about family nutrition , planning a menu and healthy foods.  My children are helping me with the planning and preparing of meals.  The whole family can learn things together ! Isn’t that exciting ?  We are learning music with some of the best teachers,  learning Guitar with Jerry Jennings. The children really love music and are using their Dad’s guitar to practice the guitar lessons.    Being an Art Major myself, the Art lessons in Various mediums like, Pencil, Colored Pencil, Water colors, Chalk and Oil Pastels really appealed to me and my daughters show much talent in drawing.  We are going to be getting some new art supplies tomorrow to continue doing the art lessons and this is something very enjoyable for the girls who love to create and design things.  I love that we can learn these together and I get to choose what we do, which truly makes this parent-led education.   I am enjoying using Elementary Math, Reading, Science with the children. There is even Sewing Historical Costumes , that the girls and I are thinking may be fun to make some clothing to go with our history and reading during certain time periods ! Since part of our history is American Girls, the girls have asked if they could design their own dresses and things and will be doing the historical clothing lessons.  What makes our classroom come more alive is being able to do things like this and my reading to the children from historical fiction  and non fiction books that we have.  I am excited to watch history come alive for the children as we make the period clothing and cook period dishes from our cookbooks and books.  We have not had a lot of time to  use the website as of yet, as I took sick a week ago when the assignment was received.   So we have been reading and discussing what we would like to do in the coming weeks.   While I am sick I have been able to listen to EXPOS  and using a few papers from the site to introduce the children to what is available.  I have been doing a lot of research  this past week.      I am really excited and blessed to be able to be using SchoolhouseTeachers.com this  New Year!  It is worth every penny spent and I cannot say that about all the curriculum I have gone through over the last 23 years of homeschooling my children and that means allot to us.

Right now for December there is a wonderful SPECIAL !

Buy a membership for your family and get a free membership to give to another homeschool family or friend !

Isn’t that Great !!!

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